Zari Hassan with Diamond Platnumz in the past

Zari says she left Diamond in the gutter where Tanasha found him

Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz have had more comments written about them on most East African blogs than probably any other couple in the world!

And today I will continue that trend unashamedly. What has happened again between the two? Great that you asked? The news today concerns the bad blood radiating from Miss Hassan.

Miss Hassan looking good
Miss Hassan looking good

The woman recently replied to a comment from a fan called Brenda Njau who warned her about Kenyans. The fan’s reasoning was that not only had Zarina lost her man to a Kenyan woman but that she had also lost her expensive perfumes this week onboard a Kenyan plane!

The comment which was tongue in cheek to pretty much anyone who read it was met with the heat of a thousand suns by the socialite. She told Brenda that her man Diamond wasn’t stolen from her, but that he was in the gutter when Tanasha got him!

Zari's screenshot
Zari’s screenshot. Courtesy/Urbanews254

While that observation will please many of her fans, does it pass muster? Nah! The facts speak a different thing. When Miss Hassan dumped the Tanzanian singer on Valentine’s Day last year the woman wrote a whole speech about why she had to leave him.

Zarinah posing
Zarinah posing. Note the skin tone

In her speech, she detailed that she could not allow the man to keep treating her poorly (his philandering ways) and that she had to set a good example to her daughter and women everywhere.

Zari’s the most difficult! Diamond’s photographer says about women singer has dated

A woman who left garbage behind doesn’t keep speaking about him, she forgets him. Her latest volley proves that not only was she scorned by Mr. Platnumz but that she still feels the pain. How does trash (which she says Diamond is) still cause her this much pain? Methinks Zarina might still be in love with Chibu.

The couple in a file photo
Zari and Diamond in a file photo

‘Hurt people hurt people.’

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