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Zari responds to a fan who accused her of taking photos with people’s car

Diamond’s ex-girlfriend Zari Hassan has responded to a fan who alleged that she posts with people’s car.

Zari who had posted a photo in an expensive car was quick to ask the fan to ask God to bless her.

“You like posting photos with people’s cars?”

Zari responded;

“Touch your heart and ask God to bless you too so you can stop seeing people’s lives in a bad way.”

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Zari leaning on her car
Zari leaning on her car

Earlier on, she announced news of her latest car purchase and a section of netizens were not convinced she can actually afford the luxurious life she portrays to have on social media.

Following the allegations, the mother of five took to her social media to give naysayers a piece of her mind.

“Just because other people’s lives doesn’t match or look like yours doesn’t mean they are bragging or live a fake life for that matter.  I photograph myself in my office because that is where I work. I can’t take a picture in the market selling tomatoes or in the hospital corridors pretending to be a doctor yet I’m not.

I take pictures in my house because it is where I live. I can’t take pride in living in fancy hotel pictures or in a house that looks less luxurious so that I can please people like you who live in such houses. This is my life. This is the lifestyle I have chosen for myself and my family. I can’t drive a bicycle to make you happy. No way, I’ll just be lying to myself.”

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