Zari and King Bae

Zari promises new bae twins after her sister delivers baby boy

Zari’s younger sister Ashutalal is now a proud mother of two! The lovely lady welcomed her second born a few days ago and to announce the good news.

An adorable photo of the cute chubby baby was shared online.

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This comes days after Zari swore she is ready ti deliver twins for her new man who she fondly refers to as Mr M.This was after a she shared a photo captioned

Road to being Mrs M aka KingBae 👰

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan


A fan wrote

We are looking forward to baby number 6

To which Zari responds


Zari' twins

Her confirmation that she is ready to give her new man twins comes at a time when Tansha Donna  who is dating Diamond  refuted claims that she is pregnant for the Tanzanian artiste.

Don’t go telling people I’m pregnant. I actually suspected it too. But, I’m not mentally ready.To clear that rumour once and for all, I tested and I’m not.

My body is adjusting to all this traveling and climate change moving from Dar es Salaam which is warm to the cold Nairobi nights.

Zari is a mother of five.She has three sons with the late Ivan Ssemwnga and two kids with Diamond Platnumz .

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