Zari with the mysterious King Bae

Zari in mourning?! Reveals that her husband King Bae is dead!

Zari has finally confirmed something I have always suspected. that her legendary man, King Bae is a figment of her imagination…uh sorry, DEAD.

Why I believe Zari Hassan didn’t get married (opinion)

The Ugandan socialite who is famous for her exquisite talent of marrying high-value men admitted so to a curious fan. Many of her very smart followers had been wondering what had happened to the mystery man that she had married earlier in the year.

Zarinah posing
Zarinah posing

Zarina who can’t keep a secret to save her life had hidden for many moons has not posted even one image of his face! Yes, I am a bit salty about the mother of 5 saying that she had gotten married and not even one photo from the magical wedding has ever been seen!?

Anyho… Zarina will never admit that she might have lied to her millions of intelligent and very discerning followers, so what does she do when asked about King Bae’s absence from her social media?

Zari and King bae at the new mansion
The socialite with King Bae


Tell the truth or lie? Diamond’s former ex did both. She hid her lie by telling the truth! Huh? Didn’t get that? Let me explain; King Bae didn’t exist in the first place, so instead of lying Zarina decided to kill him with her truth that he was ‘Dead’. Huh!

Zari's Instagram message
Zari’s Instagram message

That is much easier than admitting that he was a dream, a hope, rumour all to compete with Diamond and his new younger and more beautiful wife, Tanasha.


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