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Zari brutally trolled after unfiltered photos of her emerge on her tour in Tanzania

Zari Hassan is in Tanzania visiting Diamond with the two kids that the celebrity couple share together. Whenever she goes to the East African nation, the media buzz and blitz surrounding her is insane.

Everyone wants to get a picture of Diamond’s famous and most likely favourite baby mama. Numerous photos of the mother of 5 are also taken of her and that is where the media buzz becomes a curse for her.

The reason for this is that all and sundry are able to get an unfiltered photo of the famous Instagrammer that lack the editing and photoshop that Zarinah’s photos on social media have.

So this visit was no different as the socialite was pictured by paparazzi at event in Bongo land and my my haven’t people gone gaga over the photos!

Zari Hassan raises eyebrows as she spends night in Diamond’s mansion

The photos show a much more different Zari than the one we have come to get used to seeing in her heavily edited Instagram profile.

The new photos show an aging Zari – and as expected Tanzanians came at her with all the force they could muster calling her out for lying in the photos she usually posts online.

But there are those fans who don’t mind being lied to and came to her defense, saying that she was still as beautiful in person as she was in her photos on social media.

Check out the photos that have caused all the hullabaloo and contrasts them with the ones above that she put on her Instagram page:

Zari Hassan looking old 1

Zari Hassan looking old

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