Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past

Zari Hassan raises eyebrows as she spends night in Diamond’s mansion

I take my hat off to Zari Hassan. The mother of 5 has this year re-established herself as Diamond Platnumz’s favorite baby mama.

It is plain for all to see. She is clearly doing something right as the Tanzanian superstar has invited the Ugandan socialite back to his abode in Tanzania a month after he visited her down south.

Don’t forget that the two have seen each other 3 times (3 long visits at that) in the span of 8 months without Diamond doing the same for his other two baby mamas. Ouch!

Get married! Fans tell Zari and Diamond as the two spend quality time together

But I digress. Zari and the two kids they share are currently staying at Chibu’s mansion, something that she has decided to flaunt to all and sundry.

From videos and photos posted online, Zarinah can be seen enjoying dinner with Diamond’s parents at the mansion, but the singer had already left the table.

And what was the singer doing? He was enjoying some wonderful time with his kids in the jacuzzi, and fellow singer Rayvanny was spotted interacting with them.

Zari herself also shared a video while in one of the rooms as she confirmed the purpose of their visit, which was to support young girls by donating sanitary pads at schools.

Zari Hassan with Diamond

While some might not have an issue with Miss Hassan staying at the star’s home, others might be concerned that it is wrong considering that she has a new man in her life, the aptly mentioned Dark Stallion.

Some watchers including myself have already noticed the way Diamond and Zari have gotten closer the past 6 months. Her stay will just add to the speculation that they can/might re-ignite their romantic relationship.

Zari Hassan with her new man
Zari Hassan with her new man

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