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Why I believe Zari Hassan didn’t get married (opinion)

Zari Hassan recently got ‘married’.

Clearly, miracles do happen in this day and age. Thing is I don’t buy it. Am I a hater as some in my office have accused me of being? Probably, but not for the reasons you may think, I don’t dislike Zari personally but I dislike the antics that she pulls that are not only fake but also hypocritical.

When Ringtone does some sh!t most people call him out on it but when Zarina does the same, people actually defend her. Today, I will call her out for what I believe is taking not only her fans and followers for a ride but also pundits like myself.

Zari with her family
Zari with her family

And what am I taking her to task about today? Her ‘marriage’ of course! If Zari and that is a big IF had gotten married, here are the things I believe would have already happened in Kenya:

–  We would have arrested and convicted all corrupt people in Kenya.

– We would have won the just concluded Africa Cup of Nations 2019.

–  Diamond would start wearing condoms when he sleeps with women.

– The 11 stadia that Jubilee promised would already have been built.

Let me stop being facetious and add this; Zari, as is common with most Instagram socialites, craves the spotlight. This is a woman that wouldn’t hesitate to release a photo of her wedding if she had had one!

Zari married
The alleged ring

She would most likely have released the photos immediately the wedding started! Hehehe! And who is this mysterious man that she calls King Bae? Why will she not show him out?

Methinks King Bae is either her bodyguard or her gym instructor. A poser whose job is to fill a role. And why would she go to all these lengths of subterfuge?

Zari and King Bae show off new mansion (Video)

Because she isn’t over Diamond Platnumz, her baby daddy. The Tanzanian artiste has moved on swiftly to better and younger in Tanasha Donna, who is heavily pregnant with their son.

Diamond touching Tanasha's belly
Diamond touching Tanasha’s belly

Another thing, who releases an exclusive interview about her ex on the weekend that she is getting married? Wouldn’t it steal the buzz from her wedding to ‘King Bae’?

Methinks that Zari has spun a web and all to keep up with the Jones. One can buy homes, cars and go on exotic holiday’s to match the competition. But manufacturing a living, breathing high-value man who will love and care for Zari is a task too tall for the enterprising socialite.

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