Zari chilling in pink

Zari Hassan and her King Bae naughtily flirt on video

Zari Hassan is no joke! The woman who allegedly ‘got married’ a few months back is still playing the married wife game with her ‘husband’ King Bae.

Zari and King Bae
With her King Bae

The Ugandan socialite posted a video of herself and her ‘husband’ enjoying themselves. The video shows the yummy mummy having fun and the couple exchanging sweet nothings at the comfort of home.

In the video clip, one can see Zari admiring herself in the mirror as she took a video of her pretty face. Then, her man sneaked from behind and ran his fingers through her hair.

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King Bae was not done with his ‘wife’, he naughtily brushed his hand on her chest, cupping her bosom, as the video tapered off eliciting a bunch of laughs from the couple.

Zari wearing a skirt
Zarinah wearing a skirt

She then posted another photo of her man’s hand gently resting on her chest.

Zari lying on King Bae
Zari lying on King Bae

The last time the business-woman was this excited about a relationship was when she was dating Diamond Platnumz. The two used to record themselves dressed in towels and getting touchy in the bathroom, behaviour that wasn’t appreciated by many of their fans.

Diamond and Zari in the past
Diamond and Zarinah in the past

I will not lie, the extents to which Zarinah is going to push the narrative that she got hitched just blows my mind. Diamond really did a number on her! But it is her life, let her enjoy ‘marriage’ to this mysterious King among men.

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