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Hata Zari! Diamond’s baby mama joins his family in mocking Mzee Juma Abdul

Talk about kicking a man when he’s down! Zari Hassan in not being left behind in the festivities as far as mocking the disgraced Mzee Juma Abdul for not being Diamond’s real biological father.

This comes after Ricardo Momo and Mama Diamond both revealed that Mzee Abdul is not Bongo singer, Diamond Platnumz’s biological father.

Many are still wondering (and rightly so) why the family had decided to scorn a man in public for many years for allegedly neglecting Diamond while they knew all along that he wasn’t even related to him!?

I have my doubts about the revelation that Mzee Abdul isn’t Diamond’s father

The man who should have been getting all the hate all along was Salim Nyange (Diamond’s real dad) and not Abdul who had tried to step up (according to him all those years).

And while most in the public have some sympathy for Mzee Abdul that doesn’t mean the real players in this saga care all that much.

Zari Hassan, Diamond’s first baby mama who is known to be close to Mama Dangote went online to make fun of the ongoing drama; as she shared a photo of Tiffah with her father Diamond. Her caption read,

“Papa👨‍👧 Nyange and Nanyange”

In the comment section, some castigated the mother of 5 for dancing on the misfortune of the old man as she herself had suffered ridicule from the same family when things had degenerated with Diamond in the past.

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