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Zari says Diamond has not seen his kids for 9 months!

Zari was recently interviewed by Millard Ayo. The Ugandan socialite revealed a lot about her life, love, kids and business interests.

But as you most likely know, what most people care about when Zarina speaks is her complicated relationship with her ex Diamond. In the interview, she dished out some ‘tea’ about Diamond and his relationship with his 2 kids.

Diamond-Platnum's-family in the past
Diamond-Platnum’s-family in the past

In a fresh twist, she trashed Diamond’s claims that he finally got to interact with his children after being “blocked” from seeing them.

In the interview with Millardayo, Zari vehemently denied claims that Diamond had reached out to their kids Tiffah and Nillan. According to Zari, in fact, Diamond has been out of touch for the past nine months, with no form of communication between them and the children.

I haven’t talked to Naseeb in nine months. He hasn’t seen nor spoken to his kids in nine months so for him to come out to say he recently reached out to them is a lie. I know it’s been a while since we broke up so I need to say this for clarity. This is where the confusion is.

Zari with the children she shares with Diamond
Zari with the children she shares with Diamond

So who is telling the truth? This situation does not make sense. On Sunday, July 14, Diamond shared a cute photo of his children in what looked like a Facetime chat, with Zari saying that he took a quick screenshot of his kids but that he didn’t speak to them.

Diamond-Platnumz's with his kids in the past
Diamond-Platnumz’s with his kids in the past

Diamond’s ex disclosed what irked her the most was the fact that Diamond allegedly made a fool of her. She said;

For Naseeb it was plain disrespect. I am a powerful woman I have an image to maintain. The respect was not there. Not only that so many times I asked him about the things I was hearing from the blogs and he denied everything.

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