Zari Defends Vera Sidika From Haters Who Called Her A Bad Friend

Vera Sidika was bashed by the public a few days ago because she didn’t attend Zari Hassan’s ex husband’s burial yet she claims Zari is her friend.



She did not take it lightely and went ahead to make it clear that she had tried as hard as she could to reach out to her but for some reason Zari’s line wasn’t going through.

Social media never spares these so called celebrities and if they do something at any given time, be sure to hear about it for days if not weeks.

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Ivan Semwanga was laid to rest a few days ago. It was a sad moment for everyone who was close to Ivan. Reports state that he had suffered a stroke.

Has Vera Sidika Abandoned Her Close Buddy Zari As She Mourns Her Late Baby Daddy Ivan Don?

Zari values her friendship with Vera and she has come out to defend Vera stating that she indeed did reach out as she found several text messages asking how they are fairing.

In an interview with Millard Ayo TV, Zari said Vera had not only once but a number of times contacted her to check on her throughout the entire period.


She said, “Nimeona Vera Sidika was attacked ‘you didn’t even support Zari’ but she has been reaching out to me. Nimekuta a lot of her WhatsApp ‘Hi Zari how you, yani what’s going on I can’t get you. Sio lazima aende social media.”

For all those who were throwing stones, you now have proof that Vera did check up on Zari.

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