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Zari says that even Chris Brown can’t pay her to be a video vixen!

Zari Hassan is one of the most influential people on Instagram in sub-Saharan Africa. The socialite-cum-entrepreneur became a big presence when she had a relationship with Diamond Platnumz, the big East African musician.

She has also been able to leverage that fame with multiple brand endorsements. One thing that many have expected her to showcase her gargantuan talents is in acting.

Apparently, the mother of five has been approached numerously by producers to feature in films but the offers were not attractive to her.

Miss Hassan posing
Zari Hassan

During an interview with Millard Ayo, the single mum claimed none of the companies or individuals who approached her offered a deal that was worth her time and attention.

‘I can act, I am a very multi-talented person. I have been approached many times by guys from Nigeria but it was not worth me leaving my family,” she said.

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She also explained that the toll of leaving her family to go and shoot wasn’t something appealing unless the money offered was worth it.

Huddah chilling with Zari
Huddah chilling with Zari

When asked whether she would ever consider appearing on music videos, the caramel-skinned beauty said she is too expensive for any musician to afford. She claimed that even Chris Brown couldn’t be able to get her to appear on his music video.

“I cannot be a video vixen, it is now below me. I mean, how much would they pay me to appear on their music videos?” Zari asked. Before the fame and money, the Zarina had tried her hand in music where she wasn’t successful.

The socialite with blonde hair
Zari with blonde hair

Zarina even had her own reality show before moving to South Africa to open her chain of stores.

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