Zari at the Miss Uganda event

Zari Hassan blasted for bullying Miss Uganda host

Zari Hassan had a bad weekend image-wise.

The mother of 5 arguably tarnished part of the cult of personality that she has carefully curated over the years when she appeared to be in a bullish mood at the Miss Uganda beauty pageant.

Diamond Platnumz’ ex-lover left people divided after she was spotted causing a fuss on stage during the high-end event where she was chosen as a judge.

Zari at the Miss Uganda event
Zari at the Miss Uganda event

The drama started after Zarinah started picking on gorgeous host Fabiola Anitah.  One might speculate that Zari’s issue with Fabiola started after the host referred to her as Mama and that appeared to have crossed the 38-year-old single mum.

Anitah Fabiola
Anitah Fabiola

Fabiola, the host, asked Zari to open the envelope containing the name of the winner. But instead, Zari seized the moment to create a little scene by demanding that Fabiola opens the envelope for her.

Why I believe Zari Hassan didn’t get married (opinion)

This is how part of their conversation went:

Fabiola: We have our top three right here in this envelope… Mama are you going to do us the honours.

Zari: Girl, you were supposed to do the admin work here (she hands Fabiola the white envelope)… get it out.

Fabiola: No! Enough.

Anitah Fabiola
Anitah Fabiola

Zarinah continuously hit her nemesis with the envelope as the crowd watched in awe and booed for minutes on end. Then, an official stepped forward and snatched the mic from Fabiola.

Why I believe Zari Hassan didn’t get married (opinion)

Zarinah then went ahead to brush off the moment with a cheeky smile and proceeded to announce the winner. But not before she reprimanded Fabiola. Zarinah later explained her actions, saying it was her way of testing how the show host would react.

Zari at the event
Zarina at the event

This whole affair divided media watchers with some saying that Zarinah was just joking in order to inject some comic relief to the show.

Others, however, didn’t see the humour in her act and said that her behaviour could have been the reason that Diamond left her. Some of the comments are below;

Umaisha Nmzalendo Fabiola is so humble and calm Zari tried embarrassing her but she stayed calm and acted mature
Joan Maaso Lukwago I’m so very disappointed with Zari. For once prove to be nice even when u not. Disrespecting your co-host was a shame.

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