Zari Hassan with her new man

Imagine I wake up with 36 DMs a day! Zari’s new BF complains about fan harassment

Zari Hassan’s fabulous life is one that fans and followers worldwide love following. From her fantastic rise to fame from nothing, to her lovely 5 kids, or to the ever-revolving cast of men in her life, nothing is boring or average in the Ugandan’s life.

This year, Zarinah unveiled a new man, someone she aptly nicknamed Thee Black stallion and decided to keep his identity under wraps.

But what many might not anticipate is that there are many idle fans out there-Fans who have had a lot of time on their hands to investigate who the handsome man warming Zari’s heart was. And this has come as a surprise and a bother to him.

Iyamzey Don with Zari
Iyamzey Don with Zari

Thee Black Stallion as fans know him recently complained about the harassment he continues to suffer at the hands of these fans, something anyone dating a famous should expect to come with the territory. Just ask Kenya’s Jimal Rohosafi whose fame skyrocketed after he started dating socialite Amber Ray.

‘A lot of women who follow you don’t like you’ Zari calls out jealous female fans

But I digress.  As seen on one of his IG stories, the handsome Nigerian man grumbled about the number of DM’s he receives from fans, looking to find out more about him.

Black Stallion's screenshot 1
Black Stallion’s screenshot 1

According to Thee Stallion, in one day he can receive close to 30 messages! Yes, you read that right! 30 messages in his DM’s every day.

To caption the screenshot, Black Stallion wrote; “Imagine I wake up with 36 DM. Please stop! SMH”

That shouldn’t come as a surprise to him as Zari’s first husband the late Ivan Ssemwanga once said that he used to receive about 1000 message trolls in a day, and he never complained.

lyamzey_don and Zari
lyamzey_don and Zari

Fame does come at a price, doesn’t it?

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