Zari and King Bae

Miracle! Zari allegedly gets married to King Bae

Zari Hassan has apparently gotten married to her anonymous beau called Michael aka King Bae. Yes, this according to several blogs and fans that say that the couple walked down the aisle in a lowkey wedding ceremony, which was attended by family and close friends.

Zari Hassan

Last month, Zari revealed on Instagram live that her wedding would take place on Nelson Mandela day, which was yesterday.

Zari with Zodwa
Zari with Zodwa

Zari’s close friends took to social media to congratulate her with BFF Zodwa Mkandla sharing a video of Zari flaunting her ring.

Another fan of the socialite wrote saying;

Today…….we are the champions! We win…..🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 I am not mad at original ape aka Mange anymore….you know why? She is a loser…..she has to talk about zari to bring people to her page so that they can see her adverts….she is using Zari’s name to bring people to her page….’

Read part of the harsh message.

Zari married
The alleged ring

Zari herself wrote a message on her Instagram page saying;

God is not done with me…. I’ll be a testimony one day. I’ll be in history books too. 

While Zari’s fans might be ululating over her ‘marriage’ news, I think this smirks of desperation from the mother of 5; Diamond has moved on and to a much younger and more attractive woman and I believe that hurts Zarina’s sensibilities.

Diamond touching Tanasha's belly
Diamond touching Tanasha’s belly

If there was indeed a wedding I believe that we would have seen pictures upon pictures by the Ugandan socialite because that is who she is. Where are those pictures?

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