Zambian MPs at the EACC offices during their visit to learn how to fight corruption

Zambian MPs in Kenya to learn how to fight corruption in their country

A Zambian parliamentary delegation of eight MPs is in Kenya to learn how to effectively fight corruption in a country already swallowed up by the same vice.

The committee on Privileges, Absences and Support Services visited EACC commissioners at Integrity Centre is  in Nairobi to learn how the agency has been spearheading the war on graft.

This comes at a time when Kenya has been marred by corruption led by the NYS scandal in which Sh9 billion was stolen, the National Cereals and Produce Board (Sh1.9 billion), Kenya Pipeline Company (Sh95 billion), and the National Irrigation Board.

According to The Star the eight people delegation arrived over the weekend and held its first meeting with the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission on Monday

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Zambian MPs at the EACC offices during their visit to learn how to fight corruption
Zambian MPs at the EACC offices during their visit to learn how to fight corruption

EACC Commissioner Mwaniki Gachoka confirmed this “This is a study tour by our colleagues from the Zambian National Assembly. We are sharing experiences on fighting corruption and promoting ethics,We are fighting corruption through many strategies. One of the is law enforcement – investigating cases and recommending them to the DPP.”

Funny as it may sound Kenya has been named among the top most corrupt countries in the World ,with our police force being the most affected institutions,We have gone back to being ‘Inchi ya kitu kidogo’ where who you know and where you come from determines how quickly your problems will be sorted.

The recent NYS victims are still in remand awaiting judgment ,while  some are still free roaming and planning when to strike again and we can only wonder what lessons we can offer Zambia when we can not fight our own  corruption cases.

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Garry Nkombo, who is leading the foreign delegation, said they were studying best practices in managing corruption in governance.

Nkombo said they will also share their experiences and the problems they have encountered in the fight against the vice and processes in whistle-blowing and prosecution of suspects.

“We recognise the fact that corruption does exist and want to learn how Kenya has been dealing with it. It is generally agreed that corruption cannot be fought with kids’ gloves,” Nkombo said

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“We are here to learn how the EACC is managing it, bearing in mind that those who engage in corruption remain very powerful and with the mandate to look after the aspirations of the people they govern.”

President Uhuru Kenyatta has warned that nobody who is found guilty will go unpunished while the Judiciary has asked agencies and investigators to provide evidence sufficient for convictions.


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