Waste My Time Zaddy! Photo of bearded men excites Kenyan women

WAIT. A .DAMN. MINUTE. Are they Kenyan? Someone blessed the internet with a single photo of a group of men looking ravishing.

The responses from girls are so insane. Fellas, is your wife here swooning shamelessly over these fine men? Scroll down to see her social media handle.

The photo has woken up some major feeling in Nairobi women expressed in their lusty comments below.

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Is this what f**kbois graduate into? Because yes, let them waste all my time Weary face

Are these men Kenyan?

Kuja tupotezewe wakati


hii “kupoteza wakati” ndio imefanya niko na two babies saa hii. Beard gang ni hatari

Sauti Sol’s Bien explains reason he has never released wedding photos

Fine looking fellas

Too much sauce.

Well , i mean ..

My daughter called him daddy after a month, Njambi speaks about her husband

Ghai Ghai Ghai Ghai Mercy!



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