Maina Kageni in the studio

Zaddy! Maina Kageni thwarts womans love confession after sending lusty DM


Maina Kageni is among the most sought after bachelors in Kenya, and lots of women are dying to get a piece of him.

One such women incessantly told him she wants to date him during the Friday morning conversation, tickling co host Mwalimu Kingangi who urged him to open the way for other bachelors to get wives.

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The woman confessed she constantly DM’s him, but all she gets back from him are blue ticks.

“What’s wrong with approaching a man? Maina mimi nakutaka’

‘When you see someone you like you must make the first move. I have texted you on whatsapp many times. I have your number, you blue ticked me,’

How does a woman boldly ask a man out on air and what just one minute, where did she get his number?

‘I got it your number humu humu tuu, you don’t reply sijui kwa nini, I don’t feel embarrassed shooting my shot coz I want a man mwenye anajijua, hardworking, with some money,’

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Maina hurt her feelings saying


 ‘Unless I’ve saved your number I usually don’t reply,’

Co host Mwalimu wanted to know how he could pass up such an offer to which Maina said

‘Me I would rather die, aie who me to respond to DM’s?

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