Bahati with Mueni

Yvette blasts Bahati ‘You go for months without seeing your daughter’

Another day another story about Kenya’s ‘favourite’ gospel musician, Bahati. The past few weeks he and his baby mama, Yvette Obura have been going at each with accusations that surround the only thing they share, their beautiful daughter, Mueni.

All these happenings are detailed on their show, Bahati Reality where a lot of crazy revelations are aired. One of the newest is that the father of four goes for months without seeing their daughter which annoys her.

Yvette Obura and Daughter Mueni Bahati
Yvette Obura and Daughter Mueni Bahati

‘Being a parent is not all about just paying school fees, throwing a party. Presence is everything. You go for two months without seeing Mueni.”Yvette said.

The drama started when Bahati called her to ask her to bring their daughter for a party he has planned for the child’s birthday. Unfortunately, she was in Mombasa with her, to celebrate Mueni’s fourth birthday.

He was so mad, he ordered her to bring his daughter to Nairobi as soon as possible and they should use a plane and not SGR. Upon her arrival, they held a meeting to settle their co-parenting life.

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The singer explained the reason why he decided to block his Baby Mama Yvette Obura was because she was talking to blogs about him. He got tired of waking up to a new story about him.

“Haujui mbona nilikublock? Sasa kama mtu hajui mbona nilimblock si hakuna haja ya hii meeting. Kama Yvette naamka leo tuko sawa, kidogo watu wametuona kwa Bahati Reality usiku, asubuhi najipata niko Mpasho. Kuna saa Yvette ameniweka kwa blogs sana for no good reason hadi nikaanza kudhani anafanya kazi huko. Sasa utafanya aje ndio usione huyu mtu, si unamblock. Mimi naongeanga na shosho yake. I’ll do anything to make sure my daughter gets the best life that I never had…’ said Bahati.

Bahati with Mueni
Bahati with Mueni

In response, Yvette stated that she has never done such a thing and she only wished her father and brothers a Happy Father’s Day.

At the end of the meeting, they both agreed they will work towards being good parents to their daughter because they all want the best for her.

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