You’re Not Ugly, Just BROKE! These Photos Of Vera Sidika BEFORE The Bleaching And Her Big Behind Will Shock You!

Vera Sidika is one of the most popular socialites in Africa, and her hard work seems to have paid off eventually.

The video vixen also happens to be one of the wealthiest celebrities in the showbiz industry if her multi-million mansion, state of the art cars and lavish lifestyle is anything to do by.

Vera seems to be doing very well financially, as she recently launched a detox product, which comes after her failed weaves and wigs business that she shut down about a year ago.


It was rumored that maintaining the shop become a challenge, adding to the fact that not many women were buying the human and synthetic hairs owing to the high prices.

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But now, Vera seems to be back on her feet and is determined to grow her new hustle and is thinking of expanding it to other countries.

Huddah and Vera have been rivals for years now, and now that they have both products to sell (Huddah has a line of lipsticks she’s selling), they seem to be taking shots at each other every time.


Vera recently shared this post, talking about her success and all: “Many have asked, how did you do it? You make it look so easy….Well, Success is not a walk in the park…never rosy…there will be so many challenges; critics, haters, enemies of progress, your girlfriends will envy you, hate on you, the public will try humiliate you, strangers mock you, but such is life. You need to keep pushing!”

Trust me, Vera knows very well where she’s come from, and it was never easy. Before the money and fame, the beauty was just a normal girl living in Mombasa, hoping that one day her dreams will come true.

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I came across photos of Vera before she transformed her body by bleaching and undergoing plastic surgery. Her before and after pics will make you do a double take as it’s very hard to tell that this is the same lady, so different from the curvy and bootylicious woman we see now.

Check out the photos below, with Vera looking ashy and skinny as she tried out modeling back in the day. Unbelievable.

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