Your wife already has a plan to leave your marriage – Maina tells husbands

Dear husbands, don’t sit there and think yur wife is all hapy and content to stay with you for life.

That’s the opinion of Maian Kageni who warned men that all wives have an exit strategy for their marriage and are only waiting for thst opportunity to present itself.

His opinion follows the announcement by Bill and Melinda Gates that they are divorcing after 27 years in marriage.o-KID-DIVORCED-PARENTS-facebook

Maina told Mwalimu and other interested men that women are not sitting ducks, and she knows when and not if she will leave you.

“We kaa hapo. All those little transgressions you will pay for them one day. she sits there and plans and one day you will pay back for your sins, there is no woman who imagines herself in her old age with you,  she sees her and she sees her children, she doesn’t see you in those plans”

He added that

“let me just says she knows when she is leaving you it’s usually after the last born graduates that is when she has laid plans. Melinda didn’t just get up and decide yesterday. Either all the kids are stable in life or you have become very wealthy. Melinda’s got motivation to leave him, half his money what is more motivation than that? Why would she stay or maybe she has fallen in love, women never vumulia like you guys. Your woman knows when she is going to leave you”divorce-lawyer-for-men

Mwalimu, his co host could not fathom the thought  and cautioned Main against inciting women “we wacha hio, you want to tell me my Mwongeli has a plan already?

Ladies, fess up. Do you already have a plan to bounce and does your hubby have any idea?

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