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“Your publicity stunts are boring” Eric Omondi tells Ringtone


Comedian Eric Omondi has termed Kenyan entertainers as boring. The self proclaimed president of comedy says Tanzanians have by far surpassed the Kenyan showbiz thanks to their kiki.

Speaking to The Star, Omondi went on to slam Ringtone for being so old fashioned in his stunts

“….They (Kenyan celebrities) are predictable and doing normal things. You recently saw Ringtone pretending he has been arrested. That is old fashion. They should be creative,” he said

He went on to praise Rayvanny and Harmonize for their recent scandal;

“What Harmonize and Rayvanny are doing is showbiz. Kenyan artistes should wake up,” he said.

“These two are using a created beef to promote their new songs yet our artistes here are sleeping and boring. Yaani everyone is talking about Tanzanian artistes. They are earning billions from those kinds of beef.”


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He urged Kenyan celebrities to be diverse in promoting their content

“Stop being boring, entertainment is not all about singing. We know Rayvanny and Harmonize can sing but they are now being diverse. They are adding flavour to their songs. That is where Kenyan entertainment is failing.”

Omondi has been known to be one of the celebrities who loves using publicity stunts that barely anyone believes anything he does is true.

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