‘One side of my face has never been the same,’ Phil Karanja’s near death experience in college

Former Tahidi High actors Abel Mutua and Philip Karanja have proved that they were naughty while young.

Nikubadilika. Well, Abel has a YouTube channel, Young and Stupid’ where he is sharing details about his youth.

The two met in college, clicked and became best of friends.

A few weeks ago, the two shared a video detailing the events of what transpired between him, Philip and their crew from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication back in 2008.

It was a near-death incident that happened while they were in college.

I was so scared I peed on myself! Actors Phil Karanja and Abel Mutua narrate near death experience


This week, they have again shared Philip is talking about his near-death experience on the channel.

Phillip narrated how he led a fight between KIMC and Kenya Polytechnic (TUK).

“In 2007 while studying at KIMC Kenyan Institute of Mass communication, Kenya Poly They started throwing stones at our hostels and then KIMC students got angry and went to their school and it became a war.”

Phillip Karanja was the leader of the battalion before he was hit on the head with a stone.

“We went to their territory and I was David and they were Goliath. I am left-handed and before I could throw a stone, I was hit on the head”

“I just saw black. To date, one side of my face has never been the same like before.”

“I was taken to the school nurse for first aid before I got to the hospital but I can’t remember everything”

Even though the scar has stayed with him since then, Karanja says he was young and stupid.

Let’s just say that they two are lucky to be alive.

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