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‘Young Ladies Just Waste Their Time With SPONSORS For Money And Expect To Get Married When They’re Older’ Kenyan Man Cries Out (AUDIO)

Nowadays, there are a lot of ladies who are 35 years and above and have not settled down.

For some, it’s because they just don’t need a man in their lives, but for others, they claim that they haven’t found a man who meets their standards.

Larry Asego recently revealed that he has a 35-year-old lady friend, who informed him that she hasn’t settled down because she hasn’t found a man who meets her standards.

Other than that, she went on to say that her family has been pressuring her to find a man to settle down with and start a family, something that’s totally bothering her because she doesn’t understand why they are pushing her so much.

Single Woman

“Is it such a big deal if a woman is 35 years and is not married?” asked Larry Asego, who didn’t get what the big deal is if a woman is not yet married at that age.

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Now, a regular listener called in and revealed that the reason women get to 35 and are not married, is because they waste their younger years with sponsors and when they get older, they realize it’s too late and no man wants to be with them.

He went on to add that; “What are they waiting for, as for me, I think hakuna right man for these ladies, as long as you have money.”

Listen to the full audio below as this irritated Kenyan man attacks women who are wasting their years with sponsors.


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