You will not believe what Tina Kaggia’s house-help threatened to do to her young son

Mellow voiced Classic 105 mid-morning presenter, Tina Kaggia is a traumatized mother after her house-help threatened to kill her one-year-old son in her presence.

Tina who fired the lady immediately took to social media to share her shocking story attaching an Identification card for the said house help who goes by the name Everlyne.

“She said to my son “one day mummy atakuja apate umefungwa kwa kiti na hausongi juu umedie.and I was right there!then she says ati pole ni kuropokwa!!ati I don’t fire her”


Tina Kaggia took to her show this morning to advise mothers with children on the probable dangers their young ones are subjected to after hiring ‘crazy house helps’.

Listen to what she had to say

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