Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

‘You will look like you are trying too hard’ Painful words Otile Brown used to discourage Vera Sidika from launching her singing career

Vera Sidika is causing a storm after releasing her first single ‘Nalia’ which is so far trending on You tube.

It has not been an easy road given that she was previously discouraged by her now ex bae Otile Brown from singing, claiming that she would look like she was trying too much.

“I had the plan to sing but I just did not push it, but I had the plan to get into music. My mum however kept pushing me to do music. One person who inspired me to do music more is one Producer Haji.

One day we had gone to the studios with my ex (Otile Brown) for recording and while he was in the booth I was singing along to one of his songs given that I had heard it before and that’s when the producer hinted that I could sing

Vera Sidika

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His words were ‘Vee you can  sing, You can actually do so good you should try music.’ but my ex told me that I should not sing given that it would look like I was trying to hard, but afterwards I sat down and decided there is no harm in trying.”


Below is the video of Vera’s new jam. Is it a hit or a miss?


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