You will do a double take when you see these photos of Orie Rogo Manduli without her famous headgear

Orie Rogo Manduli is one of the most popular women in Kenya. The stylish woman is known for her signature head gears and fancy fashion.

Orie Rogo Manduli

The no-nonsense woman, who is famously known for showcasing ‘original’ African attire with flamboyant headgears that attract attention, is never afraid of speaking her mind and not so long ago, she called out Vera Sidika and Kenyan socialites, in general, claiming that they are all a bunch of takataka.

“I think they are all a bunch of takataka (rubbish). You media people are spawning something dangerous by promoting such characters. I think this Vera Sidika woman is very stupid. Shame on her.

She is an embarrassment to women, and I feel sorry for her parents. I hope they tried their best to advise and guide her. By bleaching herself, it‘s obvious that she is ashamed to be black. If she‘s embarrassed of being black, why can‘t she just emigrate and live with people whose skin colour she considers ideal?

Why come back to Africa and sell us her fake silicon behind? My daughters have posteriors that would probably bring Africa to a standstill! But they don‘t flaunt them in people‘s faces. Vera is the most despicable woman we have ever had in this country, and should be given a media blackout to protect our young girls from her bad influence and misguided ways,” she said in an interview with Sde.

Recently, during a NASA rally at the Jacaranda grounds in Eastlands, Nairobi, Orie Rogo’s hear gear fell off, exposing what she hides beneath her ‘attractive’ headgears. Photos from the scene have gone viral leaving many shocked and here they are;


Orie Rogo Manduli


Orie Rogo Manduli



Orie Rogo Manduli


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