‘You need to visit your grave you may meet her spirit’ Kabogo to troll

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has hit back at a troll for connecting him to the murder of Mercy Keino.

Trouble started after Kabogo posted a photo of himself enjoying a pineapple in the out door market with the caption

“Utamu (murio) wa nanasi, wacha tu”

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The tweet provoked many reactions but it is that of a user by the name Karuga Gathu that caught our attention. Written in Kikuyu, Gathu responds to Kabogo’s  tweet saying

“Is it Mercy’ Keino’s sweetness or its the sweetness from the pineapples? Without plastic ‘protection’?, Well lets eat this sweetness without a care”

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Kabogo then responded

“Karuga you need to visit your grave you may meet her spirit and learn the truth about her death.”


KaboKabogo has been cleared of all charges in the probe.

Magistrate Peter Ndwiga ruled that Keino was not a victim of criminal homicide. Kabogo and five others had been adversely mentioned in an inquest into the death.

“It is clear the adversely mentioned parties had no motive to harm the deceased,” Ndwiga said. “The adversely mentioned parties have therefore been absolved of blame and cannot be held liable for [Keino’s] death.”


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