You Might Not Believe The Kind Of Job Terryanne Chebet Did Long Before Her Media Breakthrough


Last year, Terryanne Chebet found herself in a rather weird and painful situation when she lost her job as a news presenter when the company she was working for retrenched hundreds of its workers.

Everyone was shocked with the move as no one saw it coming even though they had announced that they would lay off some of its employees.

terryanne chebet

She received tons of supportive messages from family, friends, and fans giving her hope that she will be fine. Others even started sending her application forms for different jobs including a position as a forestry officer.

But before that job in the media, she was truly a hustler.

Terryanne Chebet Reveals The Kind Of Job She Was Offered After Her Anchor Days


After completing her high school, she had lots of time on her hands and nothing to do so she started selling mitumba (second-hand clothes).

I’ve always been interested in business and my first business was actually selling mitumba clothes when I had just finished high school and I had nothing to do, I was at home. I’m from Kitale and my mum gave me a couple of hundred shillings. I went to Kimilili where there was a market day that really had amazing things, came home washed, ironed, packaged and sold what I bought for ten shillings for lets say fifty or  seventy shillings.”

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