‘You cheater!’ Woman vandalizes unfaithful husband’s car with graffiti

Baba Njoroge is in trouble.

A woman vandalized her unfaithful husband’s car with graffiti

She wrote all around thevehicle that he is a cheater who left hisfamily toenjoy gpopdmoments.

The furious wife wrote her heart out and pictures of the defaced car have gone viral online

But alotof people are impressed that in the midst of her rage she did not mispell anything and her handwriting is pretty dope. Really guys?

Here are comments and pictures of the Honda.

I don’t know who car this is but I know this man is STRESSED at the moment.

She was livid and still didn’t misspell a word. How?

I’d be too embarrassed for myself getting cheated on to go tell everybody. His mysterious disappearance and a fat life insurance check sound better.

Nai, the Internet’s Esthetician
She caught him in less than 2 days. Damn. He sloppy .

Most of the comments from the guys are “why is she putting their business out there” instead of why is he out cheating while his wife and kids are at home thinking he is at work? She probably could have handled it differently;human emotions are a force to be reckoned with hunnie

Yh he did something shameful so deserves to be shamed fully. I see nothing wrong with this

NYE you know, mandem F

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