“You are just a glorified housegirl” Men’s reasons for not officially marrying

Girls are you living with a man who hasn’t made things official? Well according to arguments made on the Tuesday morning conversation, Kenyan men would rather live with you without that marriage certificate.

As one man aptly put it to Maina Kageni that “Once these women have that marriage certificate, ni hivyo you feel like you are in prison.”

Another pointed the blame on women insisting that “Some ladies don’t make any effort to convince you that it’s time to marry her.”

Really fellas!

Maina weighed in saying “A case that made the papers over the weekend was of a woman who was married customarily to her man for 11 years and when he died, she went to court to ask for his property be distributed equally with his first wife. The presiding judge told her, ebu tembea, and said you can live with a person as long as you want to but it doesn’t meet the threshold of a marriage. My question to you guys is why do you live with these women without marrying them? What is so hard about taking her to sheria house and signing a piece of paper? Ladies, make sure he marries you now, mwambie by Monday we need to go to the AG’s otherwise you will waste your life.”

Mwalimu Kingangi protesting that Maina as usual ‘anachoma’ sipendi vile unawachochanga, I don’t like it. Ile kuchoma unachoma hata hujui


A voice note sent to Classic 105 further reveals why men would rather do a come we stay than make things official. ‘I know my lady is listening to you. I have seen a message coming in that we need to talk, because that issue has been brought up. Maina, see umeharibu maneno.’

Another male caller launched an argument with Maina about how his former relationship was so bad, he will never marry

:’I have lived with my mrembo for over seven years and I have no plans to marry her. I had another relationship that ended badly and I swore to never. My work right now is to eat and sleep. From my bad experience I will never marry. I don’t need to marry her and I cant marry her, because my ex taught me a lesson,”

Is it the ladies to blame for staying with a man who won’t marry her or where does the problem lie? Drop you comments below.

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