Yes, Majority of Kenyan ladies own the cars they drive

The things you own is what people use to measure your independence. This applies to both jamaaz and ladies but for the chicks proving that what you have is yours is an uphill task.

Before you jeer or sneer at a lady who is driving the latest whip or give her the look like she has a sponsor, you should consider whether or not her name is on the vehicle’s logbook

A study by Consumer Insight shows that more than half (51 per cent) of the Kenyan ladies cruising on our roads own the vehicles they drive.

Yes, that’s right so the myth that you can only have good things because someone is bank rolling you is totally false.

“For starters, only 12% of the women drive and of these only about 51 per cent drive personal vehicles”, the study shows.

The study further shows only 2 out of 10 ladies reported to be driving vehicles belonging to their parents.  Another marginal number said they were rolling around town with their spouses or boyfriends cars.

The perception that females are fearful or at a disadvantage when buying cars is no longer true. These 21st century ladies have the purchasing power and manufacturers know it.

Take a look at the cars in traffic, the colours tell it all, the bright pinks, fuchsia, fiery red, money green all considered to be ‘womanly’

So the question to the felaz I guess is would you date a woman who has worked hard for her money and can buy her own car?

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