Yebei ‘spotted’ in outskirts of Eldoret town

The search for the missing ICC witness Meshack Yebei took a new twist when eyewitnesses said they have on several occasions spotted a man resembling Yebei in the outskirts of Eldoret town even after reports of his disappearance.

Boda boda riders in Kiplombe led Yebei’s family led by his brother Reverend Moses Kisoria to a semi-permanent house where he was said to have been seen as recently as Saturday last week.

“I saw him last Saturday. I have carried him on my motorcycle twice since you people reported that he had disappeared,” one of the riders said.

Neighbours however contradicted the allegations of the riders saying no one has been to the house since the family left for Christmas.

Yebei was allegedly abducted on December 27, 2014 from Turbo market North of Eldoret where he had gone to have his sick child treated.

A body initially believed to be that of Yebei’s was retrieved by police at River Yala bridge on January 5 this year bearing marks of barbaric torture – his ears were chopped off and his head had deep cut wounds.

A DNA test however established that the retrieved body was that of Hussein Yusuf.

Yusuf was buried on January 22 by family at the Eldoret Muslim cemetery.


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