Yasmeen aka Maria says she doesn’t have a boyfriend


Help me understand why people out here have made it such a priority that when you’re famous, being in a relationship should be part of their life.

Well, not the famous Maria whose real name is Yasmeen Saiedi. A girl from Kibra out to make the best out of her life and being the main character of the Citizen show, was the best thing that must have happened to her last year.

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With fame comes ‘friends, suitors and family’. Note they are in quotes because where were they when you were not on screen?

Anyway, Maria told Churchill that having a manz is not a priority. I mean she is just 20-years-old and has just jumpstarted her career. No destructions please. Yes, I said it.
“Also I am a Muslim and in my religion, dating is haram. The right thing to do is to wait until you are married to your husband. Having a boyfriend leads to so many things, it is all fun and games but you cannot predict the outcome.” She told Churchill

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More to the love side of her life, Maria has also lost a lot of friends. The notion that when you see someone on Tv it automatically means money is what pushed them away.

So the next time you think of asking her for money, pass through her mother because Maria has no control of her bank account.

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