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Xtian Dela is a broke man, we are not on the same level – Ringtone declares (exclusive)

Ringtone and Xtian Dela are at war. The reason for that is Shakila’s interview with Dela where she alleged that Ringtone had slid into her DMs, something the gospel singer strenuously denied.

He went on to threatenย Xtian Dela that if he continued with such behavior, he would send a couple of gay men to rape him in a video he has since pulled down.

Xtian Dela quickly respondedย to Ringtoneโ€™s video and threatened to expose Ringtone for who he is, requesting for some of his followers to come forward with scandalous information about the gospel singer.

When I asked the singer what he had to say about this threat, he said that he wasn’t afraid.

“He should expose me then. I am a public figure. Anybody who has anything about me, let them print, let them post, neither am I paying anybody to be exposed. Let him do it. Let him expose him. Tell him to do it quickly. He is failing his evil fans.”

He then went on to add that he was wondering why the prominent social media influencer hadn’t yet turned up any crazy information about him.

“I went to sleep early-you know as rich people do that-waiting for big things to be dropped by him, kumbe it’s all fake stuff. He is failing his fans or he will lose credibility.”

She isnโ€™t even in my class like Zari โ€“ Ringtone dismisses socialite Shakila (exclusive)

Mr. Apoko then savagely attacked Xtian’s pocket. “I know he is a broke man.ย I don’t fear anything from him. Dela is paying rent, I am living in my own home. When I wake up I count the number of cars that I have. Dela is paying a loan. Between me and him who should be afraid? I do not sing to get money. I do it because of the love of God.”

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Ringtone explained that he had deleted his controversial video because his pastor had called him and told him to remove it. He said that the video has served its purpose as the bloggers had already seen it and published it.

The singer then went on to say that Shakila had been coached poorly by Xtian and that some of her facts weren’t accurate.

“Tell him that when he is coaching that girl (Shakila) he should do it well and not the way he has done. When she says that I have a grey Mercedes Benz, that isn’t true cause I haven’t ever owned one.”

Ringtone feels that Xtian is trying to get clout and that the interview was one way to go about it. “Xtian Dela wants clout and he had coached Shakila to name big celebs.”

Adding, “He has called me many times to go to his live and I have refused. Me and Xtian Dela don’t know each other personally. I don’t have his number and maybe he has mine. We are not on the same level, with all due respect.”

He finished off by saying that he would pray for Xtian. “I will pray for him. You see he is a pagan. I will pray for him and prayer works.”

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