Bahati with Willy Paul in the past

I used to write songs for this small boy – Bahati disses Willy Paul

Bahati and Willy Paul have a very complicated relationship. The two, who started out as gospel musicians, have become some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry for close to a decade.

In that time they have been friends, enemies and all in between with subtle digs dominating the conversation between them.

Willy Paul and Bahati together
Willy Paul and Bahati together

They never saw eye to eye, until one time when gospel industry players brought them together during a concert and asked them to forgive one another. After that, one cannot clearly state whether they are friends or enemies.

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Yesterday, Bahati decided to rekindle the subliminal war the two have going between them with a diss at Willy. The ‘mama’ star posted an old photo of the two together with his caption being a reminder to his fans that he used to write lyrics for Willy Pozze.


But that wasn’t the rub, it was his sentiment that Willy was a “small boy”. The full caption is below:

The Days I Used to Write Songs for this Small Boy 😂😂😂 I’ve Missed Our Childish Days Bro ❤️ #WillisRadido

The comment received mixed reactions from his fans and followers as some saw the hilarity of the post while others warned Bahati of the wrath that would ensue from Willy when he saw the comment.

Bahati in official wear
The singer in official wear

But I don’t think Willy needs to diss Diana Marua’s husband as this might be a response to Willy claiming that Bahati couldn’t sing.

Earlier this year, in a deleted post on Jalango’s Instagram page, Willy is seen enjoying Bahati’s artistic gifts, saying, “Bwana Diana utatuonyesha Mambo kweli si uache hata Diana aimbe. Diana saidia Bwana yako we unataka ulishwe ulishwe Bwana anapoteza vocals we uko hapo unakula tu, Saidia Bwana. “ said Pozze.

Willy Paul looking great
Willy Paul posing

How do you think this will end?


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