Wow! Sarah Hassan Is Living Life In The Fast Lane In The US, Check How She’s Glowing With Her Boo (PHOTOS)

Former Tahidi High actress and TV host Sarah Hassan has over the last couple of months proved that marrying young can actually work, after walking down the aisle to exchange vows with the love of her life in February 2017.

Sarah Hassan and her lover Martin Dale then went back to the US, where they have been living together as husband and wife, and life seems to be blissful for the couple.


When Sarah Hassan quit her lucrative career in Kenya, everyone was shocked since she was soaring high and doing very well in the Kenyan entertainment and media industry, but it looks like she has bigger plans for herself.

LOVE WORKS! This Photo Of Sarah Hassan Glowing Proves That She’s Enjoying Married Life

Tanya went on to study at the New York Film Academy in film and TV production, which happened before she came back to Kenya to become Martin Dale’s wife.


Though Sarah has not embarked on any major projects in the US, she recently revealed that she had auditioned for a role, and we can only wait and see how that goes, but meanwhile, the sassy lass is enjoying married life with her man.

‘HE’S NOT SOUTH AFRICAN’ Sarah Hassan Clears The Air On Her Husband’s Nationality And Name

She recently shared photos while out on lunch with her hubby, and in one of the photos, the two cuddle up, looking very happy and it’s clear to see that Martin Dale is truly smitten.

Sarah Hassan is indeed enjoying her life in the US. Check her and her beau below.






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