Wow! Jealous Man Viciously Beats Up His Ex After Faking Cancer To Lure Her To His Flat

A woman who rushed to her ex-boyfriend’s side when he said he had cancer discovered it was all a ploy when he brutally attacked her with a baseball bat.

Harley Wells, 23, from Kent, England was left bloodied and bruised after Perry Morris beat her when he found out she was in a new relationship. The hairdresser’s former partner was not sick at all but had invented the sob story to get Harley alone and interrogate her about her love life.

He flew into a jealous rage after she admitted to having a new man in her life, attacking her with a foot-long baseball bat and a crash helmet: ‘I’d gone over to his house believing he was dying, but ended up being the one nearly killed.’

Harley dated Perry Morris (left, with her, in 2014) for nine months

The horrific photographs show Harley’s injuries from the brutal attack, leaving her with a broken knuckle, black eyes, and huge bruises all over her body.

When Harley first started dating Morris in February 2014, she said there we no signs of what he would become. ‘He seemed sweet and romantic, but just three months in, he became possessive and controlling. He would grill me about other men and hated me seeing friends or family.

After nine months together, Harley ended their relationship and things took a darker turn: ‘He was devastated and begged for another chance, but when I refused, he swore I’d regret it. It was a sign of things to come.’

Just weeks later, Morris spotted Harley driving and charged after her with a baton. ‘He ran at my car waving the truncheon and I swerved to avoid him – crashing into another vehicle,’ she recalled. I wasn’t hurt but it was terrifying.’

Harley Wells

She reported Morris to the police in November 2014 and he was sentenced to five months in jail for harassment and banned from contacting Harley for five years. With her ex locked away, Harley moved on and started a new relationship.

In July, after four months of being brushed off, Morris called Harley, saying he had just been diagnosed with cancer and begged her to see him so he wouldn’t be alone.

‘I was expecting abuse or for him to ask for me back, but instead he told me he had cancer. I believed him, as why would anyone lie about something like that?’ she said.

They arranged to meet at a beach and Morris even appeared to take a call from the hospital about his treatment. Morris then lured her back to his flat for a ‘private chat’ – but once they arrived, his demeanour changed. ‘At first he seemed calm, but then accused me of getting off with his friend.’


‘I initially denied the fling, but he promised he’d release me if I admitted it, so I confessed. He screamed that I was a slut and punched me in the face. When I staggered back, he punched me again in my other eye. I tried to scream for help through the window, but he dragged me away by my hair and punched me until I fell to the ground.’

‘I jumped down eight steps at once and ran down the street in my top and pants. I could hear him chasing me and was desperate to get away,’ she said.

Morris grabbed her, but the neighbours intervened and called an ambulance to take her to William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, Kent. Morris escaped but was arrested two days later after Harley put a photograph of him on Facebook.

He pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm with intent, harassment, breaching a restraining order, and false imprisonment – as well as attacking another young woman in March 2015 – and was sentenced to 11 years in jail.









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