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WOW! Here Is The Real Reason Alikiba Never Married Any Of His Baby Mamas

Bongo sensation Alikiba continues to release hit songs that resound very well with his fans and is one of the biggest household names in East Africa.

Away from his music career and stage performances, Alikiba is a father to three adorable children, though many people don’t know about this private part of his life.

The “Mwana” hit-maker has two daughters – Amiya Kiba, Chamy Kiba and a son – Prince Sameer Kiba – whom he is very fond of and their resemblance is so uncanny. See more pics of his son HERE.

Alikiba’s first daughter

Well, one would wonder why the Bongo flava has never settled down with any of his children’s mother’s, yet he is 29-years old and successful. During an interview with Chill Na Sky in Tanzania, Alikiba revealed the main reason he has never married any of his kid’s mothers.

According to him, there has been a lack of understanding in the relationships, plus he never saw any of them as a suitable mate – one who ‘gets’ his thinking. The 29-year-old  heartthrob also revealed that when he dated the women, he hoped to have a long-lasting relationship with each, but things just didn’t work out.

Alikiba’s second daughter

“You can’t force love. When I am searching for a spouse, I always try to find the one who we will have a mutual understanding with when it comes to different issues that may arise,” said the Nana singer.

He cleared the air by saying that his sole intention was not just to have children with them, but he also hoped for a future, sadly it didn’t happen and the women chose to move on with other men.

“Unajua hauwezi kumuoa mtu kama hamuelewani. Nia yangu ilikuwa ni kustick na kila mama wa mmoja toka nilipoanza. Lakini mambo yanaenda tofauti, huenda mnagombana anapata mtu mwingine. Kwa hiyo hautakiwi kuforce mapenzi, mimi nataka nikae na mtu ambaye tutaelewana.”

(“I wanted to stay with all of the three women but things changed as time went by. Sometimes you fight with one, next you fight with another then they all move on with other people, that for me cannot work.”)

Alikiba’s son


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