‘Would You Stick With Your Spouse Through The Worst Moments And Sickness?’ Kenyans Speak Out (AUDIO)

We all know of the sudden death of top events organizer and founder of True Blaq Events, Big Kev, after battling brain tumor.

If there’s one person that we need to appreciate the most following the death of Big Kev, is his wife Tracy.

She has been by his side for the longest time, through all his sickness, and there’s no doubt that she is indeed a very strong lady.

This morning, Larry Asego decided to talk about such kind of women, who stick with their husbands through thick and thin, during the most difficult and challenging times.


I’m just wondering how many of us would stick around? When we are taking our vows we say for better or for worse, but do we really think about it seriously?” asked Larry Asego.

According to Mwalimu King’ang’i, not many have the patience to stick in a relationship for better or worse. He says the minute a man loses his job, the wife gives him ultimatums, while others jump up and leave.

So, ladies and gentlemen, how many would stick around if you saw your spouse at their worst?” questioned Larry.

Many listeners called in, with most of them appreciating people who have been there for them, as others proclaimed that they would stick around through the best and worst times.

But there was a particular man who said that women will only stick around if there is money, or if they are profiting in a way. Is this true ladies. Listen to the audio below for the details.


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