Worried If He’s Really Into You? Here Are 10 Signs That A Man Definitely Cares About You

You’ve been dating this dude for a while, but you’re just not sure how he feels or if he cares enough. Surprisingly, it turns out that men aren’t as complicated as you might think.

If he’s doing these 10 things, then you can bet you mean a lot to him and he actually does care about you more than you thought.

1. He Suggests Future Plans
He has no trouble suggesting you go to a summer concert together, even though the event is months away. He’s so sure that you’ll still be in his life, and he isn’t afraid to show it. Or even talk about spending time together on Christmas when it’s only August.

2. He Comes To You First
When something goes wrong, you’re always the first to hear about it. He comes to you to feel better when everything seems upside down and he needs a shoulder to lean on.

3. Everyone’s ‘Heard So Much About You’
Whenever you meet one of his friends or family members for the first time, they already know so much about you. He’s gushing about you when you’re not around, and that’s a good sign.

4. He Texts You About Things You Talked About In Person
You mentioned you loved “Empire” TV series and then, a week later, he texted you a link to some news about the show. Girl, you’re in.

5. He Asks For Your Opinion On Big Life Decisions
He doesn’t want to make that big decision, whether it’s taking a promotion or going on a big road trip, without your input. Remember to be supportive.

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6. You Hear From Him On The Daily
He finds a reason to text or call almost every day. He’s thinking about you, and that’s great. Return the favor and be the first to text or call at times as well.

7. He’s Genuinely Interested About Your Day
He doesn’t just ask you how your day was as a sense of protocol. He seems genuinely interested in what’s happening in your life and even remembers your previous work stories.

8. He’s Always Happy To See You
Even if he’s had a terrible day, he seems relieved once he sees you. The first thing he does whenever he sees you is give you a big, shiny smile. You’re in luck.

9. He’s Quick To Jump To Your Aid
You so much as mention that you need help moving or are sick with a terrible cold and he jumps at the chance to help you. Yep, he cares a lot about you.

10. His Apartment Is Always Spotless When You Visit
Whenever you go to his place, you can tell it’s been freshly cleaned. Unless he’s a neat-freak, he’s doing this just because you’re coming over. He’s trying to impress you—and it’s probably working.




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