World Children’s Day: Activities you can take part in to celebrate this day

Children’s Day was set aside to honor and promote the welfare of the world’s children. Universally it is celebrated on November 20th.

Children are our future, we must protect their rights and empower them to achieve their dreams.

Here are some of the ways you can celebrate this day,

1. Giving to the homeless

The number of homeless people in Nairobi is constantly increasing with the highest number of them being children. Most of them go hungry for days. It would be a very cool initiative to feed some of these kids at least one meal in the day.

2. Visiting the children homes

Most kids in this home have been abandoned by their parents or are orphans. Visiting a home to help the matrons or even provide food or clothes will leave an impact to this kids.

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3. Visiting kids in the slums

Life in the slums is not easy. Guardians and parents of these children really go through a lot to put food on the table. A quick visit to just support a family will leave a smile on their face.


4. Treat your own kids to something special

This day is not only for the less fortunate kids. How about you take time out of your busy schedule and do something special for your child, niece or nephew?

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