Women want my seed – Maina Kageni

Kenya’s richest bachelor Maina Kageni is in demand.

Maina Kageni, Mwalimu Kingangi, Rashid Badalla and Doctor Love are among the list of most sought after seed donors.

Maina told Kingangi on Wednesday that he has been hounded by several women to donate his seed because there is a quality in him these women have spotted.

He shyly told Kingangi that ‘you know me I was told I make a good *perm donor’

He earlier started the topic saying ‘did you know gentlemen that there is a type of woman called mwibaji mbegu, yani stealers of seed. Seed stealers. Do you know who they are? Did you know women look for a trait in you and they decide I’m going to have this mans baby and they do not want anything to do with you? They talk of men like Nick Mutuma, Ian Mugoya, those ones. They have seen something about you maybe it’s your height maybe it’s your skin tone and they actually go and have a baby with you, yet you think ni bidii umeweka, did you know that?

King’ang’i agrred saying ‘you know you cant force a woman to get pregnant they decide na wanaume wamepangiwa,’

A woman called in and gave her list of men she has targetted; Rashid Abdalla, Churchill, Maina and Doctor Love.

‘Me I want 3 men. I want Loulou Hassan’s husband, doctor love, and you and Churchill. I have targeted all these. I will get them. Don’t mind how I will do it. I have targeted Loulou Hassan’s husband for three years, I am sure I will get him Don’t worry how I will do it. I will have three children by three of them, wewe huoni vile kubebe hio mimba ni tamu? You are so happy for that pregnancy, and praying for the day to pass to rush to the labor room,’

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