Sweet Revenge: I slept with my lover and husband on the same day

Women on Classic 105 confessed of the most horrible things they have ever done to their partners as a way of getting back for their infidelity.

One even narrated how she ganged up with her man’s lover so that they could beat him up to teach him a lesson for his adulterous ways.

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She says;

“I was dating this man and on one particular day we were walking with my then boyfriend before a woman approached me and told me that the man I was with was her husband.

I was shocked but thanked her for the mature way she handled the matter, so we exchanged contacts and since I was meeting the guy the next day the lady agreed to meet me.

Fast forward I met the guy in a guest house as earlier planned, all this time I kept in contact with his ‘wife’ whom I later came to learn was just a girlfriend.


We made a deal and I left the door to our room open and pretended that I had gone to the washroom. Just in the nick of time, the lady came and pushed the door open and ‘bumped into us’.

We ganged up and beat him up, tore his clothes and left him stranded in that lodging. I do not even know alienda wapi nowadays.”

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Another lady confesses;

“I once caught my husband cheating and so I decided that I would get my revenge. I went out and slept with his friend and came back slept with my hubby on the same day without taking a shower.

It was such a sweet revenge.”


The debate above was brought by a woman who confessed that she slept with her employer’s husband to get back at her for mistreating her.

‘I slept with my boss’ hubby and my husbands best friend’ Brags woman

She says

“Maina as for me I slept with the husband to my former boss after she gave me a very bad lecturer. I was working in Runda as a house help in a 22 roomed house.

Despite the pay being good, I still remember that day when she lectured me so bad just because I had made an effort to correct the kids.

So one day I waited while the husband was walking down the stairs in preparation for a trip abroad.


I had worked for her for three years.

I intentionally let my skirt zip open and it fell down just as we were passing each other.

I pretended how sorry I was but the fact remains that he had seen what was beneath the skirt and he liked it. Later after that we slept together and the anger I felt towards the woman eased.

I had avenged so we were equal.”

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