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Women lead in building modern houses for the poor in Embu

A group of women from Embu county has embarked on building permanent houses for the less fortunate in the community.
They are calling upon leaders and well wishers to join their course in putting up modern houses for the needy.

The women, drawn from different regions, are moving around the county identifying the most needy cases.
They then mobilise members of the community to pull together resources for putting up a modern house.
“Our aim is to see that every member of our community has a roof over his or her head, not just a shelter but a permanent structure that is inhabitable,” said Purity Mugo.
Speaking in Mukuria area of Kyeni South Ward in Runyenjes constituency when they were building a house for James Njeru, they said that they are targeting to assist the most needy in the county through the help of the community.
“All our activities are communal, everyone of us is involved in the activity we undertake,” they said.
Cathlyn Wanja, the lead mobiliser said that this was the second house they were building this month.
“Putting up a three roomed house takes approximately twelve days,” she said.
She said that they engage and mobilise members of the community to contribute building materials and put up three roomed brick houses.
Wanja added that Njeru’s case was wanting as he was living in a one roomed shanty with his three children.
Further, she said that the beneficiary was living in abject poverty and was suffering from stigma and low self esteem.
However, they are facing several challenges along the way.
They noted that lack of enough resources is the major set back.
They are calling upon people of good will to join the course and put a smile on the faces of the needy.
-Martin Rwamba

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