‘Women hit on Bahati in his DM and messenger’ Brags Diana Marua

Diana Marua has stated that Bahati is hit on by countless women, but what matters to her is that they trust each other.

Speaking about the issue on ‘Being Bahati’ Diana’s friend identified as Winnie poses

Are you comfortable with women hitting on him?

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Diana was quick to answer that what matters in a relationship is trust.

Messages are there DM’s are there but at the end of the day it’s all about trust. People try to look for  everything to pull you down.

Diana Marua’s age has always been an issue of concern to many so she poses the question to her friend.

Just look at me Winnie do I look like a grandmother? To which both of them laughed.


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Diana goes on to talk about the sensitive topic of her being older than Bahati.

I am older than Bahati with 3 years and that is why I have decided that the topic of my age difference with Bahati will be the first thing I discuss.

This is because there is no single day that passes without someone out there commenting about the age difference.

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