Women feel social media pressure over appearance – Maina and Kingangi

On the Wednesday morning conversation October 27th, the topic was of women feeling the pressure of social media more than men.

Maina cited the case of a mother of two who committed suicide because of the desire to feel perfect online.

‘What guys don’t know is that ladies feel pressure. You know men can posts photos wearing his boxers with his big belly and not care’

Mwalimu Kingangi gave his example of a lady he dated once and how he was put off when he met her ‘mimi kuna alikuja na boda na wig na eyelashes zikaenda na upepo. Nikauliza Joshua ni wewe. What happened to the natural ones? Look at Rachel Ruto, Margaret Kenyatta and mama ya Lupita’.

Maina reminded him that its men giving women pressure to look perfect and Mwalimu asked ‘ati ni mwanaume ndio wanawapatia pressure? How?’

A Classic 105 on Twitter tagged us citing the case of Vera Sidika who told fans that she was giving birth with makeup.

Maina opened up the discussion to callers asking them if this is so.

Several women opened up admiring they use filters to change their appearance to getnmens attention.

One said ‘we are many ladies and few men so we have to keep up with the market. Vera Sidika has hips so even me when I post I enhance on an app so I look like a foll’

Another women told ‘it’s sad but it’s the truth let me tell you the gram is very important. Pressure comes from men because they want us to look good with a flat tummy and big nyash.So I will take 20 to 30 pictures and select the best to post. So I reduce my belly and enhance my backside with an app. We will talk in person when we meet’.

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