Women feel impressed when they see their man cry


The belief that men don’t cry was discussed by alot of men on Classic 105 in the Wednesday morning conversation when Maina castigated men for shedding tears infront of their wives and children.

He said

“your children should never see you cry as a man at all, your woman looks to you for strength, and yet you keep telling them shingo haiwezi pita kichwa, how!! do you have a cry baby int he house ladies? do you hug him and tell him sorry babie?”

But a man called in alleging that women prefer men who cry.

He insisted to Maina that women prefer emotional men and that wives find it attractive.

“When men cry this shows they are in touch with their emotions and feelings, look at biblical times even our President has cried and your woman and children will see the human side of me, yes I would cry in front of them you show your human side you’re feeling pain you are feeling sorry so you shed that tear, let no one come here say h a man crying is embarrassing and showing he is a weak man

I think woman are impressed when they see their man crying, don’t underestimate the power of a cry coz it means alot to themcrying

This fascinating view was held by multiple other men who said they would cry infront of their wives and children to show their human side.

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