‘He sent 2K once for upkeep yet he earns a whooping 600K!’ (Audio)

Women have on several occasions been bashed for turning men into a money making scheme once they part irregardless of whether in good terms or not.

One is left wondering if the woman is really in need or if she just wants to make the man”s life miserable. Some women cant just let their baby daddies be.


During the morning conversation, listeners poured their heart out and below is what they had to say;

“As men we are suffering. You get a child with a woman and she moves on but she always calls you to ask for support.

You want to keep the child but she refuses because she knows once you take the child she wont get any money from you.

They use the children to milk money from us.”


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Another adds;

“Every time my baby daddy hears I am moving on he comes threatening me, despite the fact that we are not living together.

Its not only baby mama’s who get clingy, men do too. It was just a mistake and I do not want to live with him, being with him was my WORST mistake.”

Another male fan adds that the only solution to this problem is by impregnating the woman again if she keeps bothering you with upkeep.

“These people are really disturbing us but there is a solution.The more she keeps asking fro money, the more you should also ask for s#x .

They says dawa ya moto ni moto thus the more her demands the more the s#x so that you can add another baby and make her silent for another 9 months.

Sometimes its not that we cannot afford to pay them we just want to torture them, akiitisha pesa mimba mara hio hio.”


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Another says;

“The highest amount my baby daddy has ever sent me is Ksh 2,000 despite the fact that he earns a whooping Ksh 600,000.

To add salt to the injury I have to push him to send cash. My daughter’s school fees is Ksh 32,000 so what can 2,000 do.?

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