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‘I earn a six salary figure but I am looking for a sponsor’ Cries city woman

Women have recently been accused of going out with older men and men who are money loaded than they are throwing caution into the wind on the dangers they are exposing themselves to.

This is despite the fact that some of these ladies are raking in millions like in the case of Jacque Maribe and Joseph Irungu.

During the Morning show on Classic yesterday fans were given a chance to explain why they are bashed by society while men go Scot free.

Most women defended themselves with some saying that at times they have no option.

Here is what they had to say if the money they make through such escapades make them happy.

“Life is all about the choices you make. So many women have made it without having to rely on sponsors pockets.”

Another male fan says,

“The world has a way of turning your endless chase for good life into a tread mill.The truth is that happiness comes from within while wealth comes from hard work overtime.”

Another adds that

“I have been raising three girls without the support of a man ,I take any job that comes along I am a mother while young girls are busy running around with sponsors .They are just lazy and they do not work.

I don’t see a reason why these girls should be going after sponsors,they can work for their own cash and still live the life they want ‘that’s why we are seeing all this murders because God does not support it.”

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A female caller narrates her own experience,

“I was married with three kids and I am working but I am looking for a sponsor because the father is not in my life and he is not in their life.I am working but the cash I make is not enough .

And I want more,I want the best for me and my kids ,I will make sure that if i get a sponsor I will never mess with his family nor kids they will never know I will exist.

My husband left because he found someone younger than me,I want to be loved I want s## ,I want someone who can spoil me in return I promise to keep off from his family.

I want a sponsor and I am working so hard to achieve that ,having a sponsor does not necessarily mean that I want to settle with an old guy I just want someone who can ensure my pockets don’t run dry.

I earn a six figure salary but I want more,when we talk about morals its like zilienda na maji,I just want someone who will treat me right.”

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